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Privacy Policy



This policy relates to the privacy and the data protection practices which apply to Ovation Management.

Ovation is a talent agency. We represents professional actors and creatives across the genres of Live Theatre, Concerts, TV, Film, Video, Voice Over, Radio, Commercials, New Media and Casting both nationally and internationally. Ovation Management's registered business address is Upstairs at the Gatehouse, The Gatehouse, Corner of Hampstead Lane and North Road, Highgate, London N6 4BD


Our responsibilities

Our aim is to protect our clients, employees and website users' privacy whilst providing a personalised and valuable service. Collecting personal information is necessary if we are to satisfy the expectations and requirements of our users, i.e. to communicate and to enable an interactive service. We require our team to comply with this privacy policy when dealing with personal data.

We take Personal Data Breaches very seriously.


Data we may collect from you

When you agree to conduct business with Ovation Management, we will collect information from you via, email, telephone, written correspondence, verbal and all other methods of communication.

Information we may obtain includes the following:

-Phone Number
-Date of Birth
-Bank Details
-VAT Number


Transfer of data between jurisdictions

Certain projects may require us to share personal information data with third parties such as contractors, sub-contractors, insurers, photographers etc. This information will be shared as per the project requirements or individual basis and with prior approval.

When transferring personal data to a different jurisdiction, we take appropriate steps to ensure that there is adequate protection in place and that the principles are adhered to.

We use social media platforms like, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share our latest news, industry updates and project updates. Every effort is taken to anonymise our social media updates, on the occasion that a reference has to be made this will be done with prior permission.



We use cookies on our website. Cookies are tiny files that are downloaded to your device, to improve your experience. Our cookies allow the website to "remember" your actions or preferences over time.

When logging in to the user area our cookies may remain for a specific amount of time to help you stay logged in.

You as the user can set your browsers to decline and delete our cookies whenever you like.


Allegations of sexual harassment

With the help of Equity we will advise and support our clients if they experience or observe sexual harassment.

We will contact Equity immediately with any allegations of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment brought to us by one of our clients.

We can also ensure our clients that we are aware of the terms of the Equity collective agreements that govern nudity and simulated sex. Any nudity and/or acts of a sexual nature will be agreed to in advance of entering into a contract and ensure the full terms and conditions are agreed in advance of the first day of engagement.



Information security is a key element of data protection and we take appropriate measures to secure and protect it from loss, unauthorised disclosure or damage.

We may provide Personal Data to the Police or other authorities if we are required to do so according to law or a decision by a governmental authority for the purpose of safeguarding our legal interest or to investigate, detect or prevent fraud, other criminal offences or security problems. In connection with any legal disputes it may be relevant to transfer information which includes Personal Data also to other parties to the dispute

Questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy policy are very welcomed and should be addressed to info@ovat.co.uk

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